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EMF measurements are measurements of ambient (surrounding) electromagnetic fields that are taken with particular sensors or probes, such as EMF meters. These probes can be generally considered as antennas although with different characteristics. In fact probes should not perturb the electromagnetic field and must prevent coupling and reflection as much possible in order to obtain a precise measure. EMF measurements are nowadays becoming important and widespread in different sectors to assess environmental and human exposure to non-ionizing radiation in many contexts. There are two main EMF measurements types:

  • Broadband measurements performed using a broadband probe, that is a device which senses any signal across a wide range of frequencies and is usually made with three independent diode detectors.
  • Frequency selective measurements in which the measurement system consists of a field antenna and a frequency selective receiver or spectrum analyzer allowing to monitor the frequency range of interest.


RF and Transmission Planning is conducted by the experts professionals by using the planning tool as per the customer requirement RF and Transmission Survey and gives the detailed report and analysis of the data is compiled and presented to the customer's engineering team for initiating necessary corrective actions and proactive measures for future expansions. For RF survey engineers are equipped with the required instruments. Microwave Surveys are conducted by the experts and equipped Engineers. Link Budgeting, Frequency Planning, Equipment planning, Network Optimization and documentation has been done by our core teams. In MW LOS Survey engineers are equipped with following equipment

  • GPS
  • Binoculars
  • Altimeter
  • Compass
  • Inclinometer
  • Topographic maps


Drive Test: Drive test is conducted for checking the coverage criteria of the cell site with the RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool in form of Log files are assessed to evaluate the various FR parameters of the network.

  • Coverage area
  • Coverage –Indoor & outdoor
  • Speech Quality
  • Interference
  • Call drops in the network.

SCFT(Single Cell Function Test): SCFT is for verifying whether individual BTS works well or not by making a single cell function test of BTS hardware and software.

  • TEMS drive test tool
  • GPS
  • Laptop
  • Inverter

Optimization: Optimization is carried out in the network to minimize the call drops and RF interference in the network, to increase the indoor & outdoor coverage & better speech quality.

  • Check BSS parameters to meet RF objective
  • Change the orientation & tilt of the GSM antenna  
  • Height reduction of GSM antenna
  • Installation of TMA wherever required
  • Additional cell site if required
  • Indoor solutions for Indoor coverage

Site Audits: Tower and site audit services provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment and detailed information about their telecom site’s inventory, configuration, structures, quality and health and safety on site. Tower and site audit services cover all types of telecom structures. The audits are performed by qualified technical staff with many years hands-on telecom experience and the tower and site audit findings are summarized in a report that includes clear and concise recommendations.

  • 3G and 4G Drive Tests and Cusumer Complaints Resolution
  • 3G and 4G Single Site Functioning Test  
  • OFC Route Planning
  • LOS Survey
  • RF Survey


Infra Development:Site Survey and Acquisition, Structure Audit and Analysis, Tower Foundation Design, Cell Site Foundation & Civil, Cell Site Electrical, Tower Services, Shelter Services, ECOS Services. Cell Site Infra Development which includes site acquisition, structure audits and analysis, soil test, foundation design and casting, cell site civil work, cell site electrical, services of towers, shelters and ECOSs. Cell Site Infra O&M includes O&M activities of DG, Fuel Management at site, O&M of tower, shelter and other passive devices.

  • Site preliminary survey along with site acquisition with team of Customer.
  • Site Lay-out & Marking.
  • Co-ordination with all Liaising & other agencies
  • Liaison with State Electricity Boards for obtaining required power.
  • Towers: We have a reputation for on-time performance with no-worry site construction. We can provide installation on a completely raw land site including site clearing, grading and civil work, grounding installation and testing, telephone and electrical services, and fencing

Site Execution

  • Tower Foundation
  • Shelter / Outdoor Foundation
  • DG Foundation
  • Compound Wall.
  • Security Room

Tower Erection and Painting

  • Carried out as per specified requirements and aviation rules.

Electirical Works

  • Internal
  • External (EB Liaising )including power connection and Liaising with the concern department.

Site RFI

  • Supervision of Civil, Electrical, Tower and other equipment installations.
  • Documentation.


At Reliable Telecom, we have years of proven experience and expertise in the following fields

  • WiFi Installation.
  • Small Cell Installation.
  • UBR and OutDoor Small Cell Installtion.
  • RF Antenna Installation.
  • Microwave installation.


We deal with all kind Survey Tool required in RF and Transmission Survey. Like GPS, Binocular ,Compass etc., Mobiles required in drive test of 2G/2.5G/3G/4G, Maps .Physical as well as Digital.